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'I Want To Serve The People Of Maharashtra Irrespective Of A Person's Caste, Language Or Religion'

 In a selective meeting with Outlook's Lachmi Deb Roy, entertainer turned-legislator Urmila Matondkar discusses her purposes behind joining Shiv Sena and her political belief systems. 


Q) What are your purposes behind joining Shiv Sena? 

At the point when I quit the Congress, I said I am not stopping legislative issues, however I was simply stopping the gathering. I said I would keep on working for the individuals which I was proceeding. In the interim, I was additionally taking a gander at the way the Uddhav Thackrey government was taking care of the circumstance in Maharashtra in the previous one year. They were tossed into a horrible year of failures and troubles which obviously included Covid-19 most importantly. It likewise dealt with the troubles of the ranchers in the insides of Maharashtra. Thus, alongside Covid there were other characteristic disasters that Maharashtra needed to manage. It was presumably one of the most troublesome years for Maharashtra. 

I appreciated the manner in which Uddhav Thackeray was hanging on and running the public authority and he seemed to be an incredibly capable pioneer who will be taking everyone along and doing equity to the circumstance and the individuals of Maharashtra. Thus, when I got a call from him requesting that I join MLC. He additionally proposed that Maharashtra which has consistently been a state which has driven the remainder of the nation on numerous levels like mentally and socially and socially as far as the social changes and so on He said that if individuals like me go to the Vidhan Parishad that will be an excellent thing for the public authority and the individuals of Maharashtra. That evoked an emotional response and I felt that sounded good to me on account of the sort of work that I was at that point accomplishing for the individuals of Maharashtra, presently I can do it on a lot bigger and greater level on the off chance that I am upheld by a gathering since, supposing that you get gathering's help and individuals' help on a greater level, at that point you can accomplish better work. 

Q) You quit Congress, what were the purposes for it? 

It's astounding that the manner in which individuals are posing that inquiry as though I have stopped Congress 14 hours back. I quit Congress around 14 months prior. It's been longer than a year that I have stopped it, I would prefer not to delve into the subtleties of it now since I would prefer not to offer fire to Congress authority. I actually have a great deal of respect for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and in Maharashtra individuals like Balasaheb Thorat. However, there were certainly gives that I experienced a post-political race measure which were demoralizing and incredibly debilitating as a newcomer who required a ton of help, which I didn't get around then from the gathering. 

Q) Political belief systems that you like about Shiv Sena… 

I come from an incredibly communist and common sort of a foundation. In any case, I feel the entire significance of 'Hindutva' has some place lost its entire importance and it's been utilized so unfeelingly and recklessly that it appears to be that individuals have sort of failed to remember its significance. Being mainstream doesn't imply that you will have total discourtesy or disdain towards religion or god or any strict ceremonies. It just methods conjunction. Words like 'Hindutva' have been utilized in quite a terrible light by specific individuals to serve the personal stake of specific individuals. Hindu dharma isn't only a religion, it's a lifestyle. It instructs you to lead your life and take it to the best piece of yourself. It's constantly been a religion of resistance and general acknowledgment. It has consistently been comprehensive and Hinduism I would state is the most open minded toward all the religions of the world. However, tragically, that entire idea has been taken and made into 'this isn't Hindutva versus that isn't Hindutva'. What's more, individuals have likewise thought of abnormal ideas like hard Hindutva and delicate Hindutva. Every one of these things have no significance and what I need to do come from concurrence, everything being equal. At the point when I was in Congress likewise, I accepted that my religion doesn't instruct me to despise different religions. It instructs me to regard my religion most importantly. In the event that you see the manner in which Maha Vikas Agadhi and Shiv Sena have managed issues of Maharashtra, I feel that itself is simple. I need to serve the individuals of Maharashtra independent of what station, language or religion an individual comes from. That has been my basic way of thinking and I won't ease off from it. That is something that I generally held on and will consistently hold on later on regardless of whether I am in an unequivocally Hindutva-situated gathering. 

Q) How cheerful would you say you are being a piece of the Shiv Sena's ladies' wing? 

I am amazingly glad to be a piece of Shiv Sena when all is said in done on account of Shiv Sainik and the ladies of Shiv Sena in light of the fact that that is the greatest strength of Shiv Sena. Battling social unfairness in any piece of Maharashtra is my point and that is the thing that I mean to do being a piece of this gathering. 

There is no shortage of the issues that I will battle for. The public authority at the Center is just focusing on all that else aside from the center issues of the nation. Nonetheless, we can't simply continue crying over that and we need to begin working from some place. 

As far as I might be concerned, ladies' issues and youngsters issues are critical. There is so much that should be done regarding ladies' wellbeing offices, cleanliness offices and financial autonomy and kids just on the grounds that they are what's to come. And furthermore, Maharashtra is the place that is known for Mahatma Phule and his better half Savitribai Phule, who at that point worked for the instruction of the individuals. Training has consistently been a very center and significant piece of Maharashtra and that requirements to reach to the children and helpless offspring of Maharashtra on a lot greater level. 

Q) Going back to Bollywood, we last observed you in 'Shakedown' in 2018, do you miss media outlets? We miss seeing our Rangeela young lady on the big screen. 

Motion pictures and working in movies have consistently been my first love and having said that legislative issues is something that will take far additional time, energy and center since it is another line for me. Yet, once more, I am not missing working in movies in light of the fact that the difficulties in legislative issues are gigantic and the circumstance and conditions that we are working in is exceptionally harmful and it is pitiful that the political situation in India has hit an untouched low. It's truly not so good. I have seen the old recordings of Parliament or Vidhan Sabha where individuals in Opposition are companions, they may condemn one another and can have philosophical contrasts, however today there is by all accounts no limits with respect to where the reactions should stop. The difficulties of working in governmental issues will be enormous to such an extent that I don't see getting into the film business for the time being.

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