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There is a Savings Account in the Post Office, you will have to keep such a balance, otherwise 100 rupees will be deducted daily!

 New Delhi: For Savings Account, the majority of individuals pick Post Office than the bank. The purpose behind this is that the financing cost is acceptable here and also it is considered the most secure. In the event that your investment account is additionally in the mailing station, presently you need to keep a base sum in it. There have been a few changes in the principles of the Savings Account of the mail center. The uncommon change in these is to keep up the base sum. 

Need to keep at any rate 500 rupees 

In the event that you need to keep up your investment account in the mailing station, at that point it is important to keep a base sum. This sum is 500 rupees. In the event that the sum is not as much as this, the record holders should pay a strong fine each day. India Post has given data by tweeting about the adjustments in the guidelines from December 12. 

100 rupees will be deducted if not the base sum 

As per a tweet made by the mail center, keep a base measure of 500 rupees in your record to evade the support charge material to the mail center bank account, else 100 rupees will be deducted from the record for the sake of upkeep toward the finish of the monetary year. Will go That is, in each circumstance you should keep 500 rupees in the record. 

Record will be shut if balance is zero 

On the off chance that you don't have a base store in your record, your cash will be deducted just as your record will be shut on zero equilibrium. After this standard actualized from December 11, in the event that you don't need your record shut, at that point keep at any rate 500 rupees in your record. 

Get 4% premium on mail center investment account 

As per the official site of India Post, the yearly financing cost on the mailing station investment account is 4%. Interest is determined based on the base sum left between the tenth of the month and the month's end. Clients can open it according to their benefit from any closest mail center. 

Who can open an investment account 

Any single grown-up individual or shared service can likewise be opened in the mail center investment account. In the event that somebody is a minor, his/her watchman can open a record in his/her name. In this, a record can be opened by a minor over 10 years. An individual can open just one record in it. Also, just one record can be opened for the sake of a minor or intellectually frail individual. Chosen one is needed at the hour of opening a mail center bank account.

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